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Il bagolaro (Celtis australis L., 1753), chiamato anche romiglia, caccamo, lodogno, mugniacio, buzzaraco e fraggiracolo, è una pianta ornamentale e spontanea.

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Celtis australis - Wikipedia Celtis australis, commonly known as the European nettle tree, Mediterranean hackberry, lote tree, or honeyberry, is a deciduous tree native to southern Europe, North.

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Red Rose of Lancashire - Rosa Gallica officinalis Lancashire's Red Rose is an official variety, known as the Red Rose of Lancashire, but it is more accurately named as the Red Rose of Lancaster.

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Sarcococca - Wikipedia Sarcococca (sweet box or Christmas box) is a genus of 16–20 species of flowering plants in the box family Buxaceae, native to eastern and southeastern Asia and the.

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コヒガン - コヒガンの概要 - Weblio辞書 コヒガン コヒガンの概要 画像提供依頼:コヒガンの画像提供をお願いします。(2017年2月)コヒガン分類界:植物界 Plantae門.

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BBC - Gardening - Gardening Presenters Learn more about your favourite gardening presenters who appear on BBC radio and television programmes.

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