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AAA Comics. Slug ; Sebastian Cristea ; AC Comics. Fawn (Starforce 6) Rayda (half Mexican, Femforce) Adelita Comic Books. El Monje Negro / The Black Monk (Mexican)

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Superhero - TV Tropes The first comic strip superhero would have been Mandrake the Magician (June 11, 1934) and the first spandex-type costumed Super Hero is arguably The Phantom (first.

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Dresden Files Grave Peril – Dragon Quill This book is finally ending and you know what that means. I regard it as one last sadistic gibe of whatever power had decided to make my life a living hell that the.

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Graceling Ch39 & Epilogue – Dragon Quill Last time, the book still wasn’t over. IT BECAME a kind of school. Katsa made up drills for Skye and Po that were first and foremost a challenge to Po’s strength.

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Grrl Power #60 – Operation Cover Our Asses Ok, long comments this time, deep breath. Harem’s teleport is one of the better ones out there. All the ones in comics and shows that I’ve seen have.

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Archive Panic - TV Tropes The Archive Panic trope as used in popular culture. You've just discovered a new webcomic. Maybe a friend told you, maybe you were pointed to it by another …

6 Re: PS238 11 PS238 Comic Books Customer reviews: North 40 If you're casting about for something out of mainstream in the comic book medium, have a try at Aaron Williams' PS238 I With Liberty and Recess for All, Nodwick.