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For more than a century, the giant expositions know as World's Fairs attracted visitors and shape memories for millions. Today? Not so much.

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1968 World's Fair - HemisFair '68 Home; Building HemisFair. San Antonio Fair, Inc. The 92 acre site; On-Site Construction; The San Antonio River; Off-Site Construction; The year 1968; The Official.

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Main Page - Seattle World's Fair This site is dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts of the Seattle World's Fair and all of its related memorabilia.

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World's fair - Wikipedia A world's fair, world fair, world expo, universal exposition, or international exposition (sometimes expo or Expo for short) is a large international exhibition.

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The World's Fair October 26th, 2018 - In This Week Strange weather plays havoc at Hull. In this final segment of our three part report on the fair we look at the final selection of larger rides and the changeovers.

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World's Fair Park Knoxville The Tennessee Amphitheater was constructed during the 1982 World’s Fair and during that time, it was home to both country music and classical music concerts.

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1964 1965 NY Worlds Fair Items For Sale 18683: 1964/65 NY World's Fair Souvenir Lot. Salad Serving Set. Wood with enamel handles - mint in excellent box. and the 2 Decks of Playing Cards.

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1939 New York World’s Fair 1939 New York World's Fair in Flusing Meadows New York. Stories, photographics and a gift shop with collectibles from the '39 NY World's Fair.

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Annual World's Fair Show Memorabilia Show The 24th Annual World's Fair Memorabilia Show is on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. The hours are 10am to 4pm and is being held at the Elk Grove Holiday Inn, 1000 Busse.